Balls of Sticky Rice and Peanuts

Sticky rice balls with peanuts square measure straightforward and fun to create and also the good snack or dessert! Sweet, chewy, and munificently coated with ground peanuts and cooked benne seeds, they’re seriously addictive!

Every time I buy ingredients at our neighborhood Asian food market, I continuously devour a pack or 2 of sticky rice balls with peanuts, or what they decision Tong however Luck in Yue dialect, to go. i really like snacking on these sticky balls and can’t resist sound one once the other; they seldom create it home.

Sweet, chewy, and munificently coated with ground peanuts and cooked benne seeds, they’re ludicrously addictive!

Fortunately, I will satisfy my cravings while not AN inconvenient drive to the shop as they’re very easy to create and take simply a number of minutes to tug along.

Similar to our Filipino palitaw, they’re created by combining sticky rice flour with water to create a dough, that is then formed into balls and seared in boiling water till they float. rather than grated coconut, however, Tong however Luck is coated with ground peanuts for a pleasant crunch and aroma.

Cooking tips

I use a one cup of water to a pair of cups of flour quantitative relation that I notice yields the chewy texture i prefer. The mixture can look dry initially however carry on mixture together with your hands till it gathers into a swish, soft, and pliable dough.

The balls are finished when they reach the surface.Use a slotted spoon to get rid of them from the riparian right away to stay from over-cooking and drain well to forestall wetting the peanut coating.

Let them cool barely enough to the touch and start straight off to appear the bottom peanuts as they’ll coat higher once still heat.

How to serve

These sticky rice balls square measure delicious as a hour snack or after-meal afters. combine with low, tea, or cocoa for the last word treat!

They’re best enjoyed at temperature as they have an inclination to harden once cold.

If cold, heat them up within the microwave for a number of seconds or till softened.

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