Filipino barbecued pork

Filipino Pork Barbecue is formed of pork slices marinated in an exceedingly sweet BBQ sauce and skewered in bamboo sticks. Sweet, salty, and slightly spicy, these Filipino-style kebabs area unit seriously addictive!

Since we’re within the inside of Summer here in California and G has been firing up the charcoal pit virtually on a daily basis, i believed I’ll repost our favourite issue to grill.

Filipino pork barbecue is widespread street food within the Philippines furthermore as an everyday mainstay at parties and special gatherings. usually peddled at street corners on makeshift grill carts, these delectable pork skewers area unit wide enjoyed as a dish with hefty servings of rice or as transportable appetizers to enrich the cold brewage.

Marinade ingredients

Like most thought dishes, each Filipino cook or home has its version of barbecue pork. whereas seafood or juice seems to be customary for many Filipino pork barbecue recipes, i exploit vinegar instead to assist tenderise the meat.

I 1st steep the skinny pork slices in an exceedingly mixture of vinegar, 7-up, soy sauce, oyster sauce, refined sugar, chili peppers, and copious amounts of garlic to amp up the flavour and so shut down the part grilled meat with a basting mixture of oyster sauce, banana catsup, and oil to realize adhesive, sticky, scrumptious goodness.

This instruction makes concerning fifty barbecue sticks. WHO desires fifty items of Filipino pork barbecue you say? Please take one bite. You’ll convey Pine Tree State later.

These barbecue pork on a stick area unit seriously addictive; you’d would like you created more! a pleasant wedding of sweet, salty, and spicy, you’ll be in a bad way to prevent at only 1.

Ready to grill a batch? inspect my tips below for the simplest pork barbecue ever!

Helpful tips

To prevent burning throughout broil, soak the bamboo skewers in water for a minimum of half-hour before skewering the meat.

The success of your pork barbecue is [*fr1] the marinade and [*fr1] the sort of pork you utilize. For best texture and flavor, opt for a cut with adequate ribbons of fat like pork butt (Kasim). ensure to slice in terribly skinny, uniform sizes to confirm even change of state and across the grain for a young chew.

Drain the sliced pork well and pat dry, that the excess liquid doesn’t dilute the marinade.

For food safety, discard the marinade and create a recent batch of basting sauce. If you would like to use the marinade, bring it to a boil for a decent ten to fifteen minutes to cut back the marinade and exterminate any bacterium from the meat.

To prevent excessive charring and to stop the meat from burning before absolutely change of state, grill the pork 1st for a number of minutes on all sides before basting. Once the meat changes color, begin brushing with the sauce.

For great depth of flavor, steep the meat for a minimum of four hours or nightlong for best results. I don’t advocate marinating the meat longer than nightlong because the acids within the marinade can break down the supermolecule fibers of the meat.

As the instruction makes a large quantity, you’ll wish to stay the seasoned meat within the fridge for future use. Transfer into resealable baggage or air-tight containers and store within the fridge for up to 3 months.

How to serve pork from a stick barbecue

Filipino-style barbecue is historically enjoyed as a snack or party course. It’s widespread street food, sometimes with a facet of vinegar dipping sauce, furthermore as a pulutan served with onerous drinks.
It’s conjointly usually served as a main meal with pancit or rice. attempt it with Java rice and homemade atchara for a delicious feast the full family can love!

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