Recipe for arroz a la Cubana

Arroz a la Cubana could also be a sapid meat hash traditionally served with rice, Saba bananas, and cooked eggs. It’s straightforward to make, budget-friendly, and a hearty meal that’s certain to be a dinner favorite.

It’s debatable whether or not or not Arroz a la Cubana did originate from Cuba, as its name implies, but the dish can exist in many communicative countries. There unit of measurement many regional varieties, from the meatless boiled rice with spaghetti sauce or sofrito, fried eggs, and plantains of state or the extra hefty version consisting of rice, cooked hot dog Weiner, fried egg, and cooked plantains of South American nation.

Filipino arroz cubano

In Philippine preparation, arroz Cubano consists of four elements: savory minced beef, rice, eggs, and bananas.

Ground beef– i favor to organize mine with an easy addition of inexperienced peas, but be happy to cook it picadillo-style with potatoes, carrots, raisins, and bell peppers.

Rice– generally steamed rice, but it’s together common to mix the dish with sinangag for breakfast Bananas– whereas cooked Saba bananas unit of measurement ancient, some use Dole bananas equally. choose ripe bananas for a sweeter vogue but firm to remain them from falling apart. cooked eggs- high the rice with sunny-side-up eggs with soft, liquid yolks.

How to serve

A satisfying meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is arroz a la Cubana.
To assemble, type a generous scoop of steamed rice into a dome using a cup. Place rice on a plate, high with a dish, and serve with the savory minced beef and slices of cooked bananas.