Recipe for Hawaiian Fried Rice

Turn your stale rice into an entire one-pot meal! This Hawaiian Chinese fried rice loaded with ham, bacon, pineapple, eggs, and veggies is prepared in minutes nonetheless seems therefore hearty and attractive. A warranted family favorite!

I love preparation, however if I may be out of the room in [*fr1] the time, I’m all for it. one in all my favorite meal school assignment hacks is phase transition steamed rice. I typically cook double the number I will consume in one meal and save the remaining [*fr1] for stir-fries.

This trick has saved Pine Tree State many time and stress, particularly in times once G and that i area unit hungry for a fast hot dinner. I actually have several delicious ways in which to revamp my pack of stale rice into tasty Chinese fried rice however this Hawaiian version is our current favorite.

Hawaiian Chinese fried rice is fast and straightforward to create and customizable, too. like most Chinese fried rice recipes, it’s an excellent thanks to assign supermolecule and veggies we’ve reachable. Juicy pineapples and diced ham area unit a requirement for the tropical flavors, however carrots, bamboo shoots, chicken, and BBQ pork also are smart additions.

Cooking Tips

Have all of your ingredients ready as creating this Chinese fried rice may be a terribly fast method.
Use a cooking pan or a good pan with high sides to permit an honest distribution of the ingredients while not spilling and to convey the rice enough house to nicely toast.
Add liquid seasonings like condiment slenderly to stay the Chinese fried rice from obtaining mushy from excess wet. Use salt to regulate style as required.
Cook the eggs by creating a well within the center of the Chinese fried rice or severally in another pan and add throughout the eleventh hour or 2. Cook them till simply set and still slightly wet as they’ll still cook once additional to the Chinese fried rice.
eating Chinese fried rice with ham and pineapples with chopsticks

How to store leftovers

Transfer leftovers to a instrumentation with a lid and refrigerate for up to three days or freeze for up to a pair of months.
Reheat within the microwave at a pair of to 3-minute intervals till utterly warm through, stirring well between every interval.

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