Smoked pork ear

In the mood for street food? BBQ Pork Ears area unit poached a la dish so grilled to golden perfection. Soft and chewy with a sweet and savory flavor, they’re delicious as a snack or appetiser.

Inihaw metallic element isol and isaw area unit my favorite street foods however sadly, chicken bottoms and intestines aren’t sold-out here within the U.S., or a minimum of not at the supermarkets i’m going to.

Pork ears, however, area unit another story, as they’re without delay accessible at food town and are available pretty cheaply. Since i used to be within the mood for a few serious street food and won’t be creating my favorite BBQ puwet nanogram manok anytime before long, i made a decision on consecutive best thing: BBQ pork ears or walkman as a lot of celebrated in Pinoy formulation.

With a mixture of meat, skin, and animal tissue in one bite, pig’s ears area unit really a pleasant potpourri of textures. However, this gristly organ meat needs a touch a lot of work before it hits the recent grill.

Simple steps

Stew the meat a la dish in vinegar and soy till tender and tasteful.

Allow to sufficiently cool before slicing into bite-sized items so skewer in bamboo sticks.

Grill over hot coals, often basting with a combination of oyster sauce, ketchup, and oil. It’s constant sauce i take advantage of on my BBQ pork on a stick and it delivers a lot of finger-licking, lip-smacking flavor!

Helpful Tips

Soak the bamboo sticks in cold water for a minimum of half-hour to stay from burning throughout broil.

For a mixture of fatty and chewy textures, raise the butcher for “pork face” which is able to embrace the snout and ears.

To easily take away any stray hairs, scrape off with a knife or rigorously burn with a room torch.

Serving suggestions

BBQ pork ears area unit delicious as a filling noontide snack or appetiser. Slightly chewy and jam-choked with sweet and savory tastes, these inihaw metallic element tenga baboy area unit the proper try for your cold brew.

Serve with spicy vinegar or Manong’s special sauce for dipping.

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BBQ Pork Ears

BBQ Pork Ears area unit the last word street food! medium a la dish till tender and grilled to a T with a sweet and savory glaze, inihaw metallic element tenga or walkman area unit seriously addictive . Delicious as a snack or appetizer!

Prep Time: fifteen minutes

Cook Time: a pair of hrs

Total Time: a pair of hrs fifteen minutes


2 pounds of pork ears

1 cup vinegar

1 cup water

1/2 cup soy

1 head garlic

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/2 cup oyster sauce

1/2 cup banana tomato ketchup

1/4 cup oil


15 bamboo skewers


With a knife, scrape off any stray hairs from pork ears. Rinse and drain well.

In a pot over medium heat, mix pork ears, vinegar, water, and soy. awaken a boil, while not stirring, and skim off any foam that floats on high.

Add garlic, bay leaves, salt, and pepper.

Lower heat, cover, and cook for regarding one 1/2 to a pair of hours or till meat is extremely tender.

Drain from liquid and permit to fully cool within the white goods.

Cut pork ears into regarding 1-inch-sized items and thread them into bamboo skewers.

In a bowl, mix oyster sauce, banana tomato ketchup, and oil. Stir till well-blended.

Grill skewered pork ears over hot coals, turning pro re nata and frequently basting with oyster sauce and banana tomato ketchup mixture, till nicely burn.

Serve hot with spiced vinegar for dipping.