Tilapia Pinaputok

Pinaputok Na fish genus is that the final food dish! full of tomatoes and onions and baked just right, this Filipino-style fish is simple to create, tasty, and budget-friendly. Delicious with steamed rice!

Looking for foolproof ways that to cook fish? This stuffed fish genus is really easy to homework however delivers a lot of flavor. The fish is plump and engaging with juicy roast tomatoes and onions for an additional layer of yum.

It’s a meal you’ll feel sensible serving the total family! Not solely is it delicious, however it’s additionally healthy and nourishing.

What is Pinaputok Na fish genus

Pinaputok, which implies “to explode”, may be a Filipino-style dish whereby an entire fish genus is stuffed munificently with a mix of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger till virtually “bursting.” The fish is brushed with liquified butter, wrapped in foil to adequately secure, then oven-baked till dampish and saporous.

It’s typically served with steamed rice and a alternative of sawsawan like calamansi and condiment, spicy vinegar, or ensalada.

Not a friend of tilapia? Milkfish (Bangus) or golden pompano can work well during this instruction, too!

I season the fish with tamarind powder (sinigang mix) however you’ll substitute calamansi, lemon or lime. Another delicious choice is marinating the fish in alcohol like gin or rum with a couple of dashes of salt and pepper.

I use tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger seasoned with tamarind powder as stuffing however be happy to feature different herbs and spices like cilantro, inexperienced onions, and chili peppers if you wish a small amount of warmth.

Double-wrap the fish in foil to stop juices from unseaworthy out.

For accessorial aroma, wrap the fish genus in banana leaves rather than foil.

I like the convenience of baking this within the kitchen appliance however you’ll additionally fry steam, or grill over hot coals.

Give this fish instruction a compete dinner tonight. You’ll be astonished however such a straightforward dish will be therefore satisfying and delicious.

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Pinaputok Na fish genus

Filipino-style baked fish is simple to create so tasty! munificently full of tomatoes and onions, this pinaputok Na fish genus is dampish, flavorful, and delicious with steamed rice.

Prep Time: fifteen minutes

Cook Time: twenty five minutes

Total Time: forty minutes

Author: Lalaine Manalo

Course: Main Entree


2 whole fish genus, scaled and gutted

3 tablespoons tamarind base powder

2 massive Roma tomatoes, diced

1 medium onion, bare-ass and shredded

1 thumb-size ginger, bare-ass and minced

2 cloves garlic, bare-ass and minced

2 tablespoons butter, melted

salt and pepper to style

For the Dipping Sauce

Calamansi juice to style

soy sauce to style


Wash fish genus well, remotion cavity well. Pat dry. build 2 or 3 slits across the body of the fish on each side.

Rub each fish everywhere, as well as the cavity, with a pair of tablespoons of the tamarind base powder. Let symbolize regarding ten minutes.

In a bowl, mix tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, the remaining one tablespoon of tamarind powder, and salt and pepper to style. Stir to distribute.

Stuff every fish’s cavity with tomato-onion mixture.

Liberally brush the skin of each fish with butter and singly wrap in foil, Double wrap to stop juices from unseaworthy.

Place fish packets on a baking sheet. Bake during a 375 F kitchen appliance for regarding twenty to twenty five minutes or till fish is roast through. Serve hot with dipping sauce.